Energy Independence

In 2019 and 2020 the United States was energy independent for the first time. The USA was producing so much energy we were selling it to other countries. The Left vilifies the use of carbon fuels, and as a result power plants are being shut down. Southern California shut down a coal fired plant and now there are rolling brownouts in Southern California because the current systems for providing energy are not able to handle the load. We live in constant fear of the grids failing and deadly wild fires. We are being forced to live with rolling brownouts to ensure our power doesn’t shut off, and we are forced to make some life or death decisions. Rolling brownouts are commonplace to prevent electrical equipment failure that can cause a wildfire when the equipment is destroyed by high winds. So what is the solution?

The Left refuses to look at the cleanest and safest form of energy: nuclear energy!!! If nuclear energy is so dangerous, why would the US Military power their largest aircraft carriers with nuclear power plants? When a disaster hits a country that needs assistance, why does the US send an aircraft carrier? Besides the capability of providing medical attention, an aircraft carrier’s nuclear plant can power a small city.

France seems to have a good handle on nuclear energy and 75% of the country receives energy from nuclear plants. If France can do this why can’t the US? Green power only works when the sun is shining or wind is blowing. When the wind stops and the sun doesn’t shine, there’s no energy. Look what happened in Texas in February 2021 during a blizzard. One reason why Texas lost power was because the system relied on green energy to provide 35% of the energy for the grid. When the green energy failed the system was overloaded due to a loss of 35% of green energy.

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