“Ang Inyong Lingkod”
(At Your Service)

Faith – Family – Freedom

Major Rudy RecileHello, Fellow Americans!!! I’m so happy you made it here. I must have done something right for you to find my website. Please come back again and again as I’m constantly trying to improve the site.

A little about me. I am a small business owner, former US Department of Agriculture employee and a Retired US Army Major, having served 26 years.  While serving in the US Army, I was stationed in Illinois, South Korea and Washington DC.  My last military duty station was in Fairfield, California. Retiring in 2014, my wife and I liked California so much that we decided to stay. I am a husband, brother and uncle to many nieces and nephews. One is currently serving in the US Marine Corps.  

Like you, I have watched career politicians, in Washington DC and in California, work just to keep their jobs, negatively impacting the way adults and children view the world. At the same time they ignore the needs of the community. If we keep voting for the same Legislators we will keep losing!

While serving in the US Army, I was fortunate enough to be stationed at the Pentagon with the highest levels of the military. I walked the halls of the Pentagon and Capitol Hill to coordinate with various staff and agencies, each with their own flavor, throughout Washington DC. I became savvy in the ways these various types of people conducted their duties. I learned the language of Washington and how to successfully accomplish what needed to be done. So I am again choosing to serve and make a difference for California and our country as a candidate for California‚Äôs 8th Congressional District.

Vote for me on my mission to restore our country
with new blood and fresh ideas!

Watch Rudy Take on a known Socialist, Edin Alex Enamorado!!! This is intense so grab some popcorn and settle in!!! Please like comment and share!!! He had no clue who was Alex until someone pointed out he survived the exchange with him!!!

Rudy Recile, Maj US Army Retired is on KAHI 950 AM 104 5 FM talking about one of the one of the hardest things to do in his campaign and what’s going on in the Ukraine.

On the radio again!!!



I made it on KCRA Channel 3 Sacramento!!!

I made the Contra Costa Hearald!!! Check it out!!!

I also made the Solano County’s Daily Republic

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