People need to be concerned about election integrity, growing our voter base, policy and local politics.

If we are going to change California it starts with a united people, Republicans working with Democrats, and going on the offense to restore our state and country with new blood and fresh ideas.

Election integrity: We need to ensure election integrity so that there is transparency throughout the entire voting process. We need to be able to verify everything from voting machines, to mail-in voting, to potential ballot harvesting. AND we need to make sure NO company, entity or person has a monopoly on our voting process, and I will be pushing for change.

Growing voter base: Many California voters have lost confidence in the election process. Voter numbers have been going down for years and we have lost the will to fight back against an overreaching government!

Policy:  As a grassroots candidate, I will work with like-minded people to help secure our future so we can move forward in unity and change the direction of our country. I will help make sure we return to doing politics the right way and ensure the blessings of life and liberty!

Local politics: All politics begin locally.  If we are going to make a change in California, we need to get involved. We can no longer afford to stand by the sidelines and let the political machine bulldoze us. When you elect me, your next congressman, I will gain the resources for our state and district needs. We need to be ready to implement those resources. The question is who will implement them? Are they Democrats, Republicans or just good Americans working for the betterment of everyone? The answer is the people who you elect.

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