Education and School Choice

Teachers unions and School Boards are killing our education system. Curriculums designed by these organizations are dulling our children, emasculating our sons and eliminating females all together. We no longer have mothers but “Birthing Persons.” Biological males are being allowed to participate in girls sports. Many schools are teaching Critical “Racism” Theory to our children. Schools should not be teaching “The color of a person is more important than the content of a person.” Instead, what is important is the content of a person’s CHARACTER OR SPIRIT, NOT the color of a person’s skin.

As taxpayers we are pouring money into public schools and allowing the schools to teach anti-USA sentiment. Some parents are fighting back to prevent this. You should too!!! Learn what is being taught to your children, participate in parent-teacher organizations and attend local school board meetings.

Money should follow the child not the child following the money. Parents should have a choice where their children are taught. Tax credits for school education should be allowed nationwide. The first question about children’s education shouldn’t be how much is it going to cost, but why aren’t we spending more. If the money was allowed to follow the child, public schools would start to change.

If you are looking for information regarding home schooling please visit If you would like to speak with a parent who is currently home schooling their child please e-mail my campaign at and we will arrange a Zoom call to answer your questions.

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