Accountability in Government Spending

Government spending is out of control. Democrats in Washington want to print money as a way out of our current situation. What they are creating is a pathway for hyperinflation. What happens when you have too much money chasing too little goods? Inflation! Why should I sell one person a loaf of bread for $3.00 when the next person is willing to pay $5.00? Think of any auction.

The Federal Government is really good at determining what to buy, determining how much to spend and distributing taxpayer funds for spending. What they do not do well is following the money as it is spent and reconciling the spending with the annual budget.

Congress needs to get control of its spending and be better stewards of the people’s money. There is plenty of money to run the government. The big question is where is the money going when the government spends it. This is a big task and I am hoping to garner enough support to get some real fiscal responsibility for the people.

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