Fight the Mandates

Mandates are horrible. People are free to make their own decisions. Parents make decisions for their children regarding medical procedures not schools. The documents below may help in the fight to protect children in our communities.

March 2022

I appear again with Vacaville Unified School District on 3/10/2022. This time I give them a series of rhetorical questions. I know my appearance is not a negotiation for a resolution. The school board is giving us time to state our grievances. From time to time they may take notice but it is my opinion more times than not they do not pay any mind to what is said. Speaking up in front of school boards gets it on the record they are informed of the complaints which could be important much later.

Here are my questions. Check it out.

November 2021

I made a speech to the Vacaville Unified School District on 11/18/2021

Notice for employers universities and other institutions masks are optional

Letter of non-consent to wear masks to school boards

Make school boards responsible for forcing children to take the vaccine. This document informs school boards if they force some one to be vaccinated they are responsible for all complications following the vaccination.

Conditional Acceptance of vaccination

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