Where do I stand? All my life I’ve been a conservative. I’m willing to take risks so long as I can see the potential outcomes. Also I realize there are unknowable results or unintended consequences. Those you have to take one at a time and manage them the best you are able.

The issues:

Environment – Water

The Central Valley is in a draught. This is dangerous as water is needed by all living things people, animals and plants, that is to say agriculture. Water Resources are scarce during a drought. During severe drought water restrictions are activated to save what water is needed to live. This makes it difficult to fight wild fires and the agricultural community will take a big hit from lack of water. California generates more than 150 agricultural products for the nation. Without California’s ability to grow produce and husband livestock, California’s economy and people’s lives will be severely hampered. Farmers won’t be able to plant as many crops as normal and livestock will suffer.

The 2012 – 2016 Drought resulted in losses of $247 in crop revenue and 1,815 farm seasonal jobs. Water levels in Lake Oroville, as of 30 July 2021, is 25% of capacity and 247 feet below 2019 water levels. Water levels this low will cause the power plant to shut down due to the lack of water flow. Folsom Lake is 87 feet below June 2019 water levels. Other Lakes around Northern California are in similar shape. These are the water supply levels for Sonoma County.

Support for Veterans

Did you know all US Servicemembers (ie) Veterans alive make up 7% of all USA Citizens? The oldest of our Veterans are WWII vets.

Did you know only 1% of the US Population currently serve in the US Armed Forces? Less than 1% protect USA Citizen’s freedom to live freely in the USA.

Many Veterans have difficulties receiving the benefits due to them. There are bureaucratic processes, overworked workers, not enough case workers and politicians who say they care about our veterans but only act when the spotlight is on them.

There are two bills in congress HR 333 and S-1147. As of 18 Aug 2021 HR 333 is supported by 13 out of 438 representatives and it referred to the Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs. Senate Bill S-1147 is supported by 26 out of 100 Senators and was sent to the Senate Armed Services Committee for review.

These bills are languishing in Congress for years and the politicians are taking forever to do what is right.

When you see a Veteran please thank them for protecting our FREEDOMS!!!

Please take a moment to watch this video.

Bill of Rights

The bill of rights is so important to us now more than ever!!! The Left chops away at our our civil liberties little by little all the time. They try to make it ok to silence free speech, ability to practice your religion, limit citizens of the USA to own firearms or have due process when they’re arrested. For example mask mandates, at one point the left says not to wear masks “Follow the Science.” A week later now we need to wear them. Click on this link and watch a video of Fauci going back and forth on mask wearing.

Fauci on masks

The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution guarantees our rights. They constitution do not grant us rights. The Declaration of Independence states: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We need to stand up for our rights and participate in our local city meetings, board of education meetings, contact our state representatives and senators and let them know how we feel. We need to let them know if they don’t start paying attention we will find someone who does.

If you’re not registered to vote then go and register. If your friends are not registered, encourage them to be registered. Make your vote count!!!

Education and School Choice

Teachers unions and School Boards are killing our education system. Curriculums designed by these organizations are dulling our children, emasculating our sons and eliminating females all together. We no longer have mothers but “Birthing Persons.” Biological males are being allowed to participate in girls sports. Many schools are teaching Critical Racism Theory to our children. The color of a person is more important than the content of a person.

As tax payers we are pouring money into public schools and allowing the schools to teach anti-USA sentiment. Some parents are fighting back to prevent this. You should too!!!

Money should follow the child not the child following the money. Parents should have a choice where their children should be taught. School Vouchers / School Choice should be allowed nation wide. If the money was allowed to follow the child Public Schools would start to change.

Energy Independence

In 2019 and 2020 the United States was energy independent for the first time. The USA was producing so much energy the USA was selling energy to other countries. The left vilifies the use of carbon fuels and as a result power plants are being shut down. Southern California shut down a coal fired plant and now there are rolling brown outs in Southern California because the current systems for providing energy are not able to handle the load. Northern California’s grid has not been upgraded in such a long time the grid is failing and causing potential wild fires. Rolling brownouts are common place in order to prevent failing electrical equipment to cause a wild fire when it is destroyed by high winds.

The left refuses to look at the cleanest and safest form of energy. Nuclear Energy!!! If Nuclear Energy was so dangerous would the US Military power their largest aircraft carries with nuclear engines. People often wonder why when a non-land locked country needs assistance why the US sends aircraft carriers. Besides the capability of providing mass areas to provide medical attention. Aircraft Carriers nuclear plants can power a small city.

France seems to have a good handle on nuclear energy and 75% of the country receives energy from nuclear plants. If France can do this why can’t the US? Green Power only works when the sun is shining or wind is blowing. When the wind stops and the sun doesn’t shine there’s no energy. Look what happened in Texas Feb 2021 during a blizzard. Texas lost power because the system relied on the Green energy to provide 35% of the energy for the grid. When the Green energy failed the system was overloaded due to a loss of 35% of Green energy.

Accountability in Government Spending

Government Spending is out of control. Democrats in Washington want to print our way out of our current situation. What they are creating is a pathway for hyperinflation. What happens when you have too much money chasing too little goods? Inflation is what happens. Why should I sell one person a loaf of bread for $3.00 when the next person is willing to pay $5.00?
The Federal Government is really good at determining what to buy, determining how much to spend and distributing tax payer funds for spending. What we do not do good is following the money as it is spent and reconciling the spending with the annual budget.
Congress needs to get control of its spending and be better stewards of the People’s money. There is plenty of money to run the Government. The big question is where is the money going when the Government spends the money. This is a big task and I am hoping to garner enough support to get some real fiscal responsibility of the People’s money.

Something needs to be done in order to save water during times of drought. It’s not enough to request grants from the Federal Government to “Study” the situation solutions must be found to get California safely through times of drought.

Republican Politics

Republicans need to be concerned about election integrity, growing our base, support for all GOP candidates, and support down ballot Candidates and Counties.

If we are going to change California it starts with a united people, GOP working with Democrats, and going on the offense to reclaim our state and country.

Election integrity: We need to ensure Election Integrity so that means transparency throughout the entire voting process. We need to be able to verify everything from voting machines to mail in voting to potential ballet harvesting. AND we need to make sure NO company has a monopoly on our voting process and I will be pushing for that to change.

Growing our base: Our voter numbers have been going down for years and we have lost the will to fight back against an overreaching government! If we are going to take back our state it starts with a united GOP and minority outreach needs to be a big part of that plan!

Candidate & County Support: I am a grassroots candidate not the establishment. However, I will work with past and present leaders so we can move forward in unity and change the direction for our party. Politics Done Right – No county or candidate left behind!

Counties: All Politics are local.  If we are going to make a change in California Republicans need to get involved.  We can no longer afford to stand by the sidelines and let the Democratic machine bulldoze over us.  Get out and get involved in your local politics.  When I get to work in Congress and gain the resources for our state and district needs, the people need to be ready to implement those resources.  The question is who will be those people? Are they Democrats, Republicans or just good Americans working for the betterment of everyone.

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