Rudy and Sally Church

Hello, I am Rudy Recile.  I am a US American Citizen with Filipino heritage.  I am the son of a single immigrant mother who worked hard to bring her family to the USA from the Philippines.  In 1987 I would also swear an oath of service to the US Army to defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  After 26 years of service, I retired from the US Army.

I believe in God, the individual, selfless service, integrity, personal courage, and family

God: I was raised as a Christian, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a solid early upbringing in the church. In high school during the school year I attended an Episcopalian boarding school Howe Military School and participated in evening and Sunday services as an acolyte. During the summers I worked at a Christian summer camp. While in the service I attended church services every opportunity I had. There is nothing like attending a church service while out in the field garbed in combat equipment with all your service brothers and sisters under the greatest cathedral God can provide, Nature. There wasn’t a non-believer in the group and there was a real feeling of the presence of the Lord. It was as if angles surrounded us with their wings and Jesus himself was there saying good work my children you are blessed and protected. If you ever have the opportunity to participate in a military outdoor service with active serving members I promise you it will change your life. Having a personal relationship with the Lord is important to me. Since I was a young person I took to heart 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 to pray without ceasing. I walk with the Lord and Talk with the Lord every day.

Work HardIndividual: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were NOT created to give individuals rights. Instead, they were created to protect the God-given rights of the individual.  Every citizen of the USA has the opportunity to make something of themselves.  There are so many stories of people coming to the USA with very little and becoming successful.  There is no reason why a person born in the USA cannot make the most of their citizenship and make something of themselves.  Hard work wins.

Selfless Service:  I served in the US Army and had many opportunities to leave for better jobs. I could not bring myself to leave the US Army as I believe in the USA. I believe in this country so much so when I retired from the US Army I sought a job with the US Department of Agriculture to continue my service to the people of the USA.

Integrity: Integrity means to do what’s right, legally and morally. I strive every day to do what is right to the best of my ability.  Building good integrity affects others around you.  Without integrity how can others trust you?  Earning the people’s trust takes time and actions.

Personal Courage:  Facing fear, danger or adversity (physical or moral) is not easy.  There were many times when I was faced with adversity. When I had to make some tough choices and choose a path that the crowd may shied away from because the path wasn’t easy.  I have never been a person to go with the crowd.  If anything, I was always the person to ask the awkward question because no one else would.  I don’t shy away from challenges or uncomfortable tasks.  When others turn away challenges for fear of failure, I will take on the challenge and do well and succeed where others might have failed.  They will never know if they would have succeeded because they never took on the challenge.

Family: is very important to me. I have family across the USA. We try to travel and visit them as often as possible. The nuclear family is very important. Having a two parent household is key when raising children. Even having strong male and female figures in the extended family is important to the rearing of children. Children mimic the actions of adults around them. It is not just enough to tell a child they have aunts, uncles and cousins. It is important for them to meet and interact with them as often as possible. These are pictures of some of my family.


Retired Armor, Infantry US Army Officer 26 years of service.  14 years of executive level experience from the unit level to the Pentagon as a logistician and project manager. Managed worldwide projects at the executive level. Obtaining and managing million dollar budgets and assets.

Former US Department of Agriculture Data Manager and Instructor for the Plant Protection and Quarantine Division.  Seven years training agricultural officers in 35 of the 58 counties in the State of California.

33 years Federal Government experience working with service members, government employees, contractors and senior and executive level management

Six years of experience as a Contract Officer Representative for the US Army managing taskings in
multi-million-dollar contracts

100% un-hyphenated American

Business Owner specializing in small business web site development

Quality Systems Management Professional

Treasurer for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2333 Fairfield/Suisun California

Communications Committee Member in the Solano County Republican Central Committee

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